During a divorce

Divorce is an emotional period. Sometimes there’s conflict, struggle and anger.

That emotional period helps the ex-partners to separate from each other. To start a new period.

Protracted conflict

We speak of a high conflict divorce when there’s a long-lasting conflict. Because of the conflict the divorce has become very complex. The ex-partners distrust each other.

Often not only the ex-partners are involved. Children, family and friends are also involved in the conflict.

The mistrust makes it difficult to reach a solution.

Children involved

The divorce has a negative impact on the children. The quarrels are so intense and last so long that children suffer.

The children feel forced to choose a parent. Or the children don't want to see the other parent anymore. Or the children start acting like a parent.

These kinds of divorces only have losers.

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Ivan (48) on his complex divorce

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After a relationship of fifteen years, Maria (44) and I separated. Not a day too soon as during the last few years we were constantly arguing. Even after the divorce we kept on arguing. About the children, about the house, about Maria's new partner, about everything actually. One time we had a fight at our children's school. And at a friend’s party we also had a huge fight. We don't talk to each other anymore. Now we communicate through the children. This is so tiring. I'm completely exhausted.