In your spare time

In their free time, many people are active in sports clubs, youth organisations or as volunteers. People also experience violence in their free time. In a sports club, at a youth movement, in a cultural organisation or as a volunteer.

It may be about violence between young people. Or violence by an adult towards a child or young person. Or violence between adults.

In case of an adult committing violence against a child or young person, it often concerns an imbalance of power. For example because of the age difference or because the child is dependent on the adult. Or because the adult exercises authority. Sometimes it’s child abuse.

The same types of violence occur in leisure time as in the family: physical, sexual, emotional or financial violence.

Talk about it. In all confidence.

Do you experience violence or aggression in your leisure time? Are you active in a leisure organisation and worried about someone? Have you done things you regret?

You can contact 1712 anonymously and for free. Discuss your story with a professional counsellor. In all confidence.

Volunteer Paul (62) is excluded

I have been working as a volunteer for years, but because of my age I am not as quick and nimble as I used to be. It all started innocently, with jokes about my age or the nickname 'grandpa'. Lately, I really feel bad about it. My fellow volunteers sometimes 'accidentally' lock me in a room. Nobody wants to work with me anymore. Enough is enough. I haven't said anything about it at home.


Layla (12) is groped at camp

Picture of a young girl

I went on a weekend with a youth organisation. We all slept together on mats on the floor. At night, I felt my neighbour's hand on me. I stiffened. I didn’t know how to react. I pretended that I was still asleep. The hand went into my sleeping bag. I was frozen with fear and couldn’t make a sound. I’m so ashamed and I have many questions.


Noor (19) sees how her coach tells off her fellow athletes

Picture of a young girl

Our coach is strict and very hard on some of my fellow athletes. If they make a mistake, he completely cuts them down. I see how they cringe. I don't want to look away from this anymore. What can I do?