Toward a parent

Children are sometimes violent toward their parents. This is called parental abuse or child-to-parent violence. The parent doesn’t have to be a biological parent. It can also be a step-parent or a foster parent.

In most cases, the child is a young person or a young adult. Or an adult child that takes care of his or her parent(s) and is violent to them. In that case it also could be elderly abuse.

The violence occurs regularly. It’s not about puberty conflicts.

The violence can be emotional, physical, sexual or financial.

Examples of parental abuse are:

  • Financial extortion of the parent(s)
  • Threatening the parent(s)
  • Hitting or beating up the parent(s)
  • Insulting or humiliating the parent(s)

Contact 1712. Anonymously and free of charge.

Are you experiencing verbal, physical or another kind of aggression from your child? Are you worried about a family where the child is violent to a parent? Are you worried about your own behaviour towards your parent(s)?

Share your story with helpline 1712. Professional staff will listen to your story. In all confidence, free and anonymously.

Gabriel’s (49) son is aggressive

Picture of a middle-aged man

When he was 14, my son started smoking pot. At 18, he started using heavier drugs. When he was aggressive as a teenager, I first thought it was adolescent behaviour. But the aggression got worse. As he never has enough money, he steals from me. If I don't give him money, he gets angry and threatens to hit me. He once lost all self-control and beat me up.


Amahle (39) feels unsafe in her own house

Picture of a middle-aged woman

I’m a single mother with one daughter. My ex has never looked after her. I’m raising her all by myself. Sometimes that's hard. Especially with a child like Emma (17). She calls me names every day. Or gets angry. I have to admit that our relationship has never been easy.