Stalking is harassing someone, disturbing the person’s peace of mind. Stalking makes someone not feel safe.
Stalking is not a one-off thing. It happens several times.
Stalking is done by a partner, ex-partner, colleague or someone else.

Stalking happens in different ways:

  • Blackmailing
  • Sending unwanted packages or presents
  • Following, spying
  • Harassing someone in their work environment or family
  • Delivering notes, emails, messages
  • Calling very often
  • Breaking things

Stalking is often difficult to understand or explain to others. The individual events aren’t always punishable by law.

Contact 1712. Discuss it with a professional.

Is someone stalking you? Do you suspect that a friend or family member is being stalked? Or are you worried about your own behaviour?

Contact helpline 1712 to discuss your situation. Anonymously and free of charge.

Billy (20) is being stalked by his ex-girlfriend

Picture of a young man

My girlfriend and I split up months ago. However, she doesn't accept that I ended the relationship. After our break-up she kept sending me messages for weeks. Sometimes dozens in one day. One time she’ll declare her love, another time she’ll threaten me. I blocked her number. Since then, she leaves notes in my letterbox or between my car’s windscreen wipers. Sometimes I feel like she’s following me. Am I being paranoid? It keeps me awake at night and makes me feel unsafe.