From the past

It seems like yesterday

Even though it happened a long time ago, sometimes it seems like yesterday.

That one moment can turn your whole life upside down. A fight, a mugging, a rape, etc. Suddenly something happens to you that turns your life completely upside down. This leaves traces that can sometimes be felt for a long time.

Perhaps it wasn’t a short-lived event, but a long period of abuse.

Did you experience violence at home, at school or in an organisation? Or was your partner, family member or close friend a victim of abuse or violence? You may have committed violence yourself and still struggle with it.

Coping with violence

Coping with violence, abuse or child abuse is often a difficult and painful process. You try to give the event a place in your life. This doesn’t always happen by itself. It sometimes takes time and energy. Strong reactions and feelings are common and can be very exhausting.

Do you have questions about something you’ve experienced in the past?

Did you experience something that still troubles you? Have you done things you regret? Helpline 1712 is free and anonymous. Speak to a 1712 counsellor about your situation in all confidence.

Mohamed (43) was abused by his uncle as a child

Picture of a middle-aged man

When my parents split up, I was ten years old. I had a very hard time. Every Wednesday afternoon I went to my uncle who supported me in that difficult period. I trusted him. After a while, my uncle wanted to play 'games'. He touched my body and asked me to do things to him. If I were to tell this to anyone, terrible things would happen to me and my mother. I was scared and confused. I never told this to anyone. When I think back, I feel ashamed.